An open letter to the LGBTQ Community

Download the letter here.

On behalf of the Chinese in Britain Forum I write this open letter of support and solidarity to the LGBTQ community in Britain following the hate inspired attack in Orlando.

We are mindful of the close proximities of Chinatowns and Gay Villages across the UK, from London, to Manchester, Newcastle to Glasgow, and how, over decades, we have lived harmoniously as close neighbours. Like so many others we are horrified by the news from Orlando. Such hatred is beyond comprehension, our outrage and sorrow beyond expression.

We will not pretend that we can fully understand your shock, your horror or your pain at this time. We feel but an echo of the grief you feel. We cannot totally understand, nor totally empathise with you – but we are totally with you.

We are united with you in bewilderment, even anger at such hatred, but let us commit not to allow justified anger to harden our hearts, but rather let it harden our resolve to overcome such hatred, to continue our pursuit of equality, justice and a harmonious world.


Steve Lau

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