The Chinese Labour Corp Campaign

As we commemorate the centenary of the First World War, almost forgotten stories are emerging. One such story is that of the Chinese Labour Corps – a force of 96,000 volunteers recruited in China and transported to the Western Front to assist the Allies.

The contribution of these men has routinely been overlooked or relegated to a footnote in history.  Over 43,000 memorials were built in Britain after the First World War, yet not a single one of them commemorates these volunteers. These men deserve better, and our nation’s promise never to forget should apply to them as to any other. Join us in our campaign for a national memorial to these men.

We plan to rectify this historical injustice.  Working with a range of strategic partners, reprinting the broadest ever coalition of Chinese organisations in the UK, we seek to establish a permanent memorial to the forgotten men of the Chinese Labour Corps.


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