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Chinese Labour Units Memorial Huabiao – first images

We have been leading for over four years the campaign to build a long overdue memorial to over 100,000 Chinese volunteers who assisted Britain and her allies in the Great War.

The Campaign has enjoyed the widest support of every section of the Britain’s Chinese communities, and fundraising for the memorial reached its target (£250,000) incredibly within six weeks.

We are pleased to provide here a glimpse of the Memorial Huabiao – our strategic supplies. JSBS have excelled at every level, and produced something of great beauty and dignity. It will stand not only as of national importance, but undoubtedly is world class.

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Many Worlds in One

It may not be unusual to come across videos on Youtube which take you by surprise, but it is unusual to find videos that both entertain and give food for thought.

Many Worlds in One is a short documentary produced by Trent Emory from the USA. It explores China through it’s many contrasts and contradictions. Non judgemental, it invites views to decide – though in truth raises as many questions as it answers. Recommended viewing, nonetheless.

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The Chinese in Britain Forum urges Chinese community to cast their vote in the EU Referendum

The Chinese in Britain Forum pro-actively promotes the interests of Chinese communities within Britain. We also work to promote greater participation by the Chinese in Britain in the national life of our great county. We believe in a vibrant and active Chinese community that is engaged with and supported by wider British society.

The outcome of the forthcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union will affect Britain in profound ways. We recognise the great importance of the decision that will be made on June 23rd, and urge members of the Chinese community to actively engage in the debate and to cast their vote on the day.

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An open letter to the LGBTQ Community

Download the letter here.

On behalf of the Chinese in Britain Forum I write this open letter of support and solidarity to the LGBTQ community in Britain following the hate inspired attack in Orlando.

We are mindful of the close proximities of Chinatowns and Gay Villages across the UK, from London, to Manchester, Newcastle to Glasgow, and how, over decades, we have lived harmoniously as close neighbours. Like so many others we are horrified by the news from Orlando. Such hatred is beyond comprehension, our outrage and sorrow beyond expression.

We will not pretend that we can fully understand your shock, your horror or your pain at this time. We feel but an echo of the grief you feel. We cannot totally understand, nor totally empathise with you – but we are totally with you.

We are un...

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CiBF sends congratulatory message to Her Majesty the Queen

The Private Secretary of Her Majesty the Queen,
Buckingham Palace,

11 June 2016

Dear Sir,

I write on behalf of The Chinese in Britain Forum to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on the occasion of Her Majesty’s ninetieth birthday. The Queen’s reign has been a true blessing to the nation, and The Queen’s Chinese subjects will recognise in Her Majesty’s reign attributes which they so highly prize:

Benevolence and humaneness. (ren 仁)‬.
Etiquette and propriety in one’s behaviour. (li 褵)‬.
Moral righteousness. (Yì 义).

We celebrate Her Majesty’s glorious reign; commit ourselves to continuing to be Her Majesty’s loyal subjects; to be positive contributors to national life; and to strive for an inclusive and harmonious society...

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Launch of new CiBF website

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new-look website.

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A contemporaneous report on the Chinese Labour Corps




The fine work done behind the lines in France by the Chinese Voluntary Labour Battalion was described by Dr. E. J. Stuckey, O.B.E., of the Union Medical College, Pekin, in an interview yesterday. Dr. Stuckey, who is at present touring New Zealand in connection with the London Missionary Society, in an effort to increase public interest in Chinese affairs, has spent 14 years in China, and was decorated for his war service in connection with the Voluntary Labour Battalion. The hundred thousand Chinamen who formed the battalion, says Dr. Stuckey, were recruited in China by the British Government for service behind the lines, and volunteered for a three years’ engagement...

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Ensuring We Remember Campaign Launch Speech

The following is the text of the speech by Steve Lau, Chair of the Strategic Partnership Board which was given at the launch of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign.
<blockquote>My Lord, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

It is with a sense of great honour and privilege to stand before you today to announce the launch of <em>Ensuring We Remember</em>, the National Campaign for a UK memorial to the 96,000 volunteers of the Chinese Labour Corps.

At the Paris Peace conference after the war, the decision was made to award the former German territory of Qingdao, and so effective control over the Shandong Peninsula, to Japan rather than handing it back to China...

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat

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