CiBF sends congratulatory message to Her Majesty the Queen

The Private Secretary of Her Majesty the Queen,
Buckingham Palace,

11 June 2016

Dear Sir,

I write on behalf of The Chinese in Britain Forum to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on the occasion of Her Majesty’s ninetieth birthday. The Queen’s reign has been a true blessing to the nation, and The Queen’s Chinese subjects will recognise in Her Majesty’s reign attributes which they so highly prize:

Benevolence and humaneness. (ren 仁)‬.
Etiquette and propriety in one’s behaviour. (li 褵)‬.
Moral righteousness. (Yì 义).

We celebrate Her Majesty’s glorious reign; commit ourselves to continuing to be Her Majesty’s loyal subjects; to be positive contributors to national life; and to strive for an inclusive and harmonious society.
Yours faithfully,

Steve Lau

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